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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wayback Playback - UGK - Int'l Players Anthem (Video) ft. Outkast

I am pretty sure I've posted this song before but man this is probably one of the most legendary collaborations ever in hip hop history. First of all, UGK 4 Life. It's a dream of mine to head down to Houston, Texas and just meet Bun B at a BBQ joint and kick it. That's a literal dream of mine. But then to get Outkast in there...Yes LAAAWD.

But then today it's making internet news that this song may not have turned the way it did if it was up to Pimp C. It turns out that Pimp C hated the fact that Andre 3000 took the drums off of the beat during his acapella. The Pimp (RIP) was actually going to call up 3 Stacks and tell him to do it again with the drums. As reported in an interview with ItsTheReal, Jeff Sledge (former A&R of Jive Records) said,
"When Andre sent his piece back and had no drums, Chad was pissed off...He was going off About Andre taking the drums out."
Jeff then said that he has to convince Pimp C in keeping as is in order to emphasize Pimp's 16 as the beat drops. A very similar story was told about Pimp C and Big Pimpin. Bun B reported that the Pimp actually hated the song and didn't want to be in the video...Imagine if these songs didn't happen the way they did?

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