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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

We Here at the Ovadose Would like to Officially Endorse Flair-Flame for the 2016 US Presidential Election

Now to those who are friends of this blog, you understand my affection for Waka Flocka. The dude is quite underrated. First of all, he can rap. But he chooses not to because he rather make party anthems to get wild to. However, the homey can spit. Yet, the thing I enjoy about him the most is the homey is true. SO straightforward and level minded that I can run with a dude that advocates for the well-being of animals and other social endeavours. To know you have a following and you use it to do good, I respect that.

A few years back, Waka started to get deep into the political game. He first signed up to be an official candidate for the 2016 election last year...

But then he realized quickly that the majority of the power comes from the congress. So then he became a candidate to run for Speaker of the House...

Now due to legislation that prevents him from running (too young), he's found the most epic of running mates to run for the presidential race...16 time heavyweight champion of the world Ric Flair!!! We would like to formally endorse these two individuals for the upcoming presidential election. BRICKSQUAD and the 4 Horseman. North Korea, Russia, the nWo...nothing can stop em now.

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