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Sunday, July 26, 2015

I Am So Burnt Out and Procrastinating...All I Want To Do Is Play Video Games and Listen to Hip Hop

Which is why I'm updating with a blog post. Gotta write 2 publications and one of them isn't even mine. What kind of malarkey is that...anyways enjoy these drops!

P.S. - Meek Mill and Drake be beefing. For the record, while it doesn't matter in this day in age in music on whether you write your own music (Sia pretty much ghostwrote all your favorite pop joints FYI), in hip hop it's a different story. Albeit, it does nothing to your craft as an artist but as a true lyricist where pen and paper is life...you can't be treading on that all-greats list. Kids like Kendrick, Jay Electronica and J. Cole come from a cloth that doesn't really exist in hip hop where your word play remains supreme. So having cats like Drake out there is solid. He does it for the culture. But if all that ghostwriting chatty cathy type rumours is true, you should never put his name besides those aforementioned with respect to straight rap.