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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eh-P Presents...SMAN GET JACKED VOL.3 - Corey...ISYMFS!

One of my closest homeys had his birthday this past week. In celebration of his day, I put together another SMAN GET JACKED playlist! He use to be my workout partner and a lot of solid gains had been made. All of the songs in the playlist are from past workouts that we've had in the past. All of them surrounded around him. Listening to this will definitely GET. YOU. JACKED!

Download: Eh-P Presents...SMAN GET JACKED VOL. 3...COREY...ISYMFS!

Live From San Francisco Airport! Need To Clean Up My Drops Before I Catch Up On What Happened in Hip Hop

Enjoy y'all. I got a 11 hour flight back to the UK (which is going to suck cause I hate it beyond belief there). Lovely time in the States. Would recommend. 10/10.