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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Who Is Bobby Shmurda and Why Is Everyone Doing the Shmoney Dance?

Bobby Shmurda. The name has been synonymous with the hip hop genre this summer. A relatively unknown 20 year old MC out of Flatbush, Brooklyn dropped a single and a video over an old Lloyd Banks beat called Hot Nigga. The song itself didn't get much play. It wasn't until a Vine was released with Bobby Shmurda doing something called the Shmoney Dance that caused the song to absolutely go astronomical, going from a few thousand hits to a million hits in just a week. The vine in itself is now an internet meme with people posting it with appropriate hash tags

The song in itself is hot. The beat is raw and Bobby's flow is a bit raw too. It's New York's answer to the quick raw drill flow coming out of Chicago that has people hype. But it's not just the flow but the honesty in his raps. Now by no means am I trying to promote drug talk in music but when you have a line in your song saying that you only made a few hundred dollars in the drug game instead of these claims of multi-million dollar deals that other rappers depict, you have to show some respect. This by no means reaches that lyrical slaughter that I am a fan of. But the song goes tho...and he's got professional athletes doing it and other famous rappers, most notably Jay-Z and Beyoncé, doing the dance as well. So with co-signs like that and an upcoming remix to the song with French Montana, and the airplay, and the street anthem community just playing it non-stop, the kid is going places and I look forward to seeing more.

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