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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Laydy Jams - Home (Video)

Once in awhile, my favorite fly girl from out West drops me a line about all things involving life and the culture. And with a recent drop she introduces me to a friend of hers. I was blown away.

Laydy Jams, a collective of 4 talented young females consisting of Missy D, the main emcee, followed by two soul sisters, Maneo and Roya, serenading to the strings of the violin played by Sejal. These 4 ladies make up Laydy Jams and let me tell you from this one song alone (and a random live performance on their YouTube channel) I was definitely impressed. Seldom do you see female MCs really rock the mic but get away from the typical braggadocio associated with being a woman stepping up to the plate garnered by the male gender. That's why I really enjoy hearing MCs like Rapsody who provide another taste of hip hop that is mainly ignored. But the spirit heard behind their vocals and music places these 4 ladies in the same realm as her and many other soul acts in my eyes.

Here, these 4 ladies celebrate themselves not only for the gender, but for the culture. Coming out of Vancouver, I highly recommend you getting a taste from these 4 ladies if you get the chance. If you're lucky to be part of the incoming students at the University of British Columbia, I expect you'll be hearing from these ladies! And whenever I see them drop a joint, expect to see it here. Keep killing it ladies, you've made a fan out of me!

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