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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This is My Sorry for...2013...

To all those who read my blog...I am sorry. I haven't been able to devout the time I want to this blog. I am able to keep up with new joints and projects and post them on here but I haven't had the time to really dedicate myself to writing insightful articles on my opinions of what's going on. It's been a rough year for me here in the UK filled with a lot of work and very little time for myself. For that, I'm sorry.

But what does that mean from here? Well, it means I am going to get my act together and try to post more content of what's happening. I fell off the last 5 days because the moms was visiting and I spent some quality time with her. I plan on updating the blog in the next few days (70+ posts) and hopefully write an article a week on what's going on in the world of hip hop.

Let's get the real back on the tracks!

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