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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Drake – 5AM In Toronto Freestyle

There are so many filthy lines in this "freestyle" (I can never tell if it's a legit off the dome or off the phone). But regardless it's filthy...this is the Drake I know. Not that feeling emotionally type ish...

"Some nobodies started feeling themselves, a couple somebodies started killing themselves" - RIP Chris Lighty

"All of them boys in my will, all them boys is my wheels, if anything happen to pop, I got you like Uncle Phil." - Best scene in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air history...

I've been a notorious critic of Drake because of the persona that he's had ever since breaking out with YMCMB. I mean if it makes money and this is what drives your success then by all means kill it. But I know what the guy is capable of and what he wants to do...being honest goes a long way. This is the Drake I know...


  1. lol, off the dome or off the phone.

    1. I'm just being honest...he's infamously known for the phone freestyle...