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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yelawolf - Heart of Dixie (Mixtape)/Growin' Up in the Gutta ft. Rittz (Short Film)

This video is not really safe for work...and its kinda...well gutta...

But this mixtape is what the doctor ordered!

Download: Yelawolf - Heart of Dixie (Mixtape)

Childish Gambino - ROYALTY (Mixtape)

I just listened to this entire mixtape...this mixtape...is absolutely filthy.

He's got one joint on there with Bun B and its filthy.

He's got another joint on there with RZA where Bobby Digital comes out...
"This Oxycontin carbon monoxide toxic concoction/Collapse your brain cells, they swell from lack of oxygen"...Filthy...

He's got a few remixes over familiar dubstep beats...filthy...

Black Hippy, Wu-Tang, Bun B, Nipsey and Tina Fey?...filthy


Download: Childish Gambino - Royalty (Mixtape)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Long Weekend! Euro, Canada Day and Thesis Crunch Time!!!

So I have finished writing my thesis and just have to do the edits. I'm also headed to Spain this coming weekend for a week. My supervisor just wrote me an email saying that it isn't a good idea to go but its too late now. So today is my last day of posting. I will take a bit of a hiatus from the blog and come back to it when the timing is good. So here are all the audio drops over the last 4-5 days I missed out on!  Big Sean, MMG, Big Boi, The Game and more!

  Young Jeezy


Ashanti ft. Meek Mill and French Montana

Chris Brown (Drake Diss)