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Friday, October 14, 2011

Black Hippy - Introducing Kendrick Lamar (Part 2) (Album Review: Kendrick Lamar - Section .80)

This is a four part Spotlight I'm doing on four amazing artists who I have been bumping and telling as many people as I possibly can about. I wrote about Jay Rock awhile ago but if you didn't catch it, read it here.

A group straight out of LA by the name of Black Hippy consists of four up and coming artists that will definitely have you on blast in the near future: Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar.

I can not say enough...how big of a Kendrick Lamar fan boy I have become. I got wind of this dude when someone put his name in the same sentence as Dr. Dre. I was like what...Dr. Dre is a giant and I've been waiting for Detox since I hit puberty. This dude coming from the streets of Compton was heard by Dr. Dre who then found him, and made him his apprentice. Not just someone who he wanted to work with...Dr. Dre made him his apprentice. Remember the last time that happened? What about the time after that? What we get again...I forgot?

Oh yeah, 3 of the most decorated rappers in the game today...NBD

So as of...today...Kendrick Lamar has signed to Aftermath Records. I am telling you, this kid is going to blow up. And not just because XXL made him one of the freshmen of the year, or the fact that he's working with Dr. Dre on the regular now, or the fact that Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and The Game labelled him the King of LA...all of which are easily enough for the greatest co-signs of 2011...but this guy spits faster, harder and with more emotion than any fire breathing dragon you've seen or heard about in mythology. Kendrick Lamar is a F****** BEAST!

You don't think that's enough. The kid was a straight A student in high school. He also has dreams with his dead relatives come and visit him on the regular. In one of them, 2Pac came to him with the message, "Keep doing what you're doing, keep my music alive." This was the main inspiration behind, in my opinion, one of the top 2 albums of 2011...Section .80.

Inspired by 2Pac, the majority of the album deals with subjects similar to the majority of the songs 2Pac wrote. Youth problems, alcohol and drug abuse and other hood related issues but written in Kendrick's own unique style with his rhyme repertoire and flow.

We start off with F*** Your Ethnicity, who wants you to know that he isn't your typical rapper. The thing is he is very soft spoken, but has a humbling confidence about him. The joint accepts all sorts of individuals but mainly speaks on his upbringing and the fact that he wants to bring LA to a whole new sort of light, and not the gang-banger image it has gained over the years.

The thing with every song on the album is that it has purpose. I have not heard an album like this in a long time (and then I heard J. Cole's album and was happy with how hip hop has shaped up). I get shivers when I really think about this album on a whole. A.D.H.D. discusses the prevalent drug use for the younger generation. No Make-Up discusses the female vice of covering up their insecurities. Discusses how she this girl looks absolutely beautiful but the second she covers it with make up, she's another blur...and then the song is to be continued till track 11, Keisha's Song. This joint just hits all sorts of seriousness, discussing how Keisha got into the world of prostitution and how she's taken advantage of her father, the law enforcement and eventually succumbs to the act and is murdered. Then Rigamortus comes in and he discusses his simple ability to destroy anyone...and he means anyone...with his lyrical force. He ends it perfectly with HiiiPower

A lot of people don’t understand. They think it’s just a song. It’s really a big movement that we’ve got in L.A. that’s spreading like wildfire,” he said. “Hiiipower: the three i’s represent heart, honor and respect. That’s how we carry ourselves in the streets, and just in the world, period. Hiiipower, it basically is the simplest form of representing just being above all the madness, all the bullshit. No matter what the world is going through, you’re always going to keep your dignity and carry yourself with this manner that it don’t phase you. Whatever you think negative is in your life. Overcoming that and still having that self-respect.

16 songs of absolute power, meaning and emotion. But maaaaaaaaan his lyrical ability is ridiculous. Check out Rigamortis.

I rapped him and made him Casper
I captured the likes of NASA
My pedigree to fly past ya
I pass the weed to the pastor
We all are sinners, once you sinister
Bible study faster
You hypocrite is reaction of blasphemy
I assassin my casualty
And it's casually done
And tell 'em my salary come
A lump sum of hundreds
Don't talk to be bout no money
The sun is under my feet
And I come in peace to compete
I don't run if you rather leap
My statistics go up in weeks
And I go visit the nearest creek
And I get busy on many MC
Really ballistic, anybody can see
Any assistance, everybody done see
Some persistence, recognize I be
Really too vicious, the permanent beast
And the demolition, breaking up the streets
Better partition, better dot your T
And I gon' mention, how the far you see
Putting my dick in the rap industry
Everybody bitchin', getting mad at me
Recognize Kendrick, in the battery
And I'm charged up, and the catastrophe
Is charged up, and the audacity
And y'all fucks, never could hassle me
And y'all luck, just ran out you'll see

Production quality on this album is ridiculous. The jazzy production of the dude's own in-house homeys just assetuate Kendrick's honesty. His J. Cole track, HiiiPower...maaaan just listen to this track.


I can not say anything. Listen to his music and you won't stop bumping your head. You listen to the lyrics and you're going to be bewildered by lines like “I won’t sugar coat it/You’ll die from diabetes if these other n***** wrote it.” But its his honesty and emotion and pure gulliness that gets me. In Spiteful Chant, he just goes right into the haters and the bandwagon jumpers who just want a piece of his ever rising stock. The entire song is sung in a specific tone but there was one line that one me over. I heard it and I was just like Kendrick, Imma buy everything you put out even if its autotuned I don't care. The best part about it, the line was done in a regular tone.

Everybody heard that I fuck with Dre and they wanna tell me I made it/Nigga, I ain’t make shit/If he gave me a handout I’ma take his wrist and break it!

Kendrick Lamar, the King of LA, K.Dot...I don't care what you call him. This kid can spit. This kid wants to bring LA back into the mainstream in a more positive light. This kid raps with pure emotion and pure knowledge. The way he flows and the way he puts words together, it comes from an educated mindset. You know this album has received the Ximena...but I look forward to EVERYTHING Kendrick Lamar puts out...whether be a featuring, to a freestyle or the first single under the Aftermath banner. Put 3 fingers in the air for the homey! And if you don't have the album...get it now!

Mac Miller - I Love Life, Thank You (Mixtape)

The dude reached a million followers on Twitter

So he drops a FREE MIXTAPE!

Download: Mac Miller - I Love Life, Thank You (Mixtape)

DJ Drama - Hand of God ft. Maino

There is one line in this song that is unreal...

Fans wanna touch the hand I slap rappers with...

Statik Selektah - Samuel L. Jackson ft. XV, Jon Connor and Kid Daytona

Wale - Focused ft. KiD CuDi

Maybach Meets G.O.O.D. Music

Fred The Godson - Hip Hop ft. The Mad Rapper

Fred The Godson and his big demeanor drops a new one

Slim The Mobster - Whose House? Ft. Kendrick Lamar

OH MY GOD! The apprentices of Dr. Dre on the same track...bdrapp bdrapp bdrapp!

Machine Gun Kelly - The Rage Pack (Mixtape)

The rager drops his Bad Boy-induced mixtape for the masses! LACE UP!

Download: Machine Gun Kelly - The Rage Pace (Mixtape)

Phil Adé - College Girl

For dem college girls...

Kendrick Lamar - Rigormortis (Video)


Dude just kills this one...I love this joint of of Section. 80 (Expect the review later tonight folks!)

Childish Gambino - All The Shine

First single off of his debut label-based album, Camp!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mobb Deep - Street Lights

Man I love these guys!

Machine Gun Kelly - #STFU

New ish from the skinny tall white kid from Cleveland!

Travis Barker - Just Chill ft. Bun B, Kobe and Beanie Sigel (Video)


Easily one of the deeper songs on the Drummer Get Some album, Travis Barker has the new visuals to go with it!

Tech N9ne - Noose ft. ¡Mayday!

This song is all sorts of controversial...

Jedi Mind Tricks - When Crows Descend Upon You ft. Demox


Skillz - Celebrate Life ft. Travis Barker (Video)

SKILLZ ft Travis Barker | Celebrate Life from Cristopher Schafer on Vimeo.

Skillz in the building!

Slaughterhouse - The Illest/Shady 2.0 Cypher (Dirty)

So much win from these dudes...here's to hold you off until their next major drop! And an explicit version of the BET Cypher!

Slaughterhouse - The Illest

Shady 2.0 Cypher (Dirty)

Mac Miller - Blue Slide Park

New ish from the Jewish Rapper

Kardinal Offishall - Anywhere (Ol' Time Killin Part 2) (Video)



Drake - Make Me Proud ft. Nicki Minaj

Aubrey gives you another one...Take Care

Nas - Its a Tower Heist ft. Rick Ross

Queensbridge gets the money! New Nas for your headphones!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Black Thought - Stay True ft. Malik B and MdotL

Some unreleased music from Black Thought!

Mac Lethal - Elect Bill Clinton and Bill Murray in 2012 (Video)


He's pretty fast...for the republicans...Bill Murray would do just well

DMX - Its Over the Dog is Back ft. Swizz Beats


Reema Major - I'm the One ft. Rick Ross (Video)


The beat goes on this one for the Canadian Female MC...but I wonder how she got Rozay to be in the background...

How many "HUNH" do you think he did with her...

Tyler the Creator - B**** Suck Dick ft. Jasper and Taco (Video)



Slim The Mobster - Marta ft. Prodigy

Dr. Dre's apprentice..word...joining up with Prodigy...Word?

Wayback Playback - The East Flatbush Project ft. DeS - Tried By Twelve


If you're like me and you got the Shady 2.0 Cypher on repeat...you might be thinking what's the joint they be freestyling over. The East Flatbush Project is the alias of a Brooklyn Producer better known as Spencer Bellamy (name sound familiar?) Enjoy the original!

Pill - 4 Life


XV - Boss Level

Teaming up with Skrillex, XV drops a new one!

Nitty Scott, MC - Auntie Maria's Crib (Video)


Fresh off the Cypher, Nitty Scott drops new visuals

Maffew Ragazino - City of God ft. Mad Stuntman and Rocky Evans (Video)


Deep video

BET Cyphers 2011 Audio

So you can rock out on the old mobile audio device with some crazy freestyles...

Shady 2.0 - The best of the cyphers!

Big K.R.I.T., Kendrick Lamar, Machine Gun Kelly, Tech N9ne - This one was sick but Kendrick is a beast!

Lady of Rage, Blind Fury, Dom Kennedy and Skillz - Blind Fury and Skillz...GET EM!

Maybach Music

Busta Rhymes. Reek Da Villain, Ludacris, 2 Chainz - I have been waiting for Busta to be on this for awhile!

Ace Hood, Kevin McCall, Tyga and Chris Brown - Ace Hood is nice...

Nitty Scott, Estelle, Soprano, Lecrae - French homey was dope!

BET Cyphers 2011

This year...the Cyphers...were AMAZZZZZING! MAN...even the ones that sucked were decent. The best one goes to Shady 2.0 but maaaaaaaaaaan! Enjoy!

Cypher 1 - Big K.R.I.T., Tech N9ne, Machine Gun Kelly, Kendrick Lamar and B.o.B.

Cypher 2 - Reek Da Villain, 2 Chainz, Busta Rhymes and Ludacris

Cypher 3 - Lady of Rage, Blind Fury, Dom Kennedy and Skillz

Cypher 4 - Maybach Music

Cypher 5 - Nitty Scott, Estelle, Soprano, Lecrae

Cypher 6 - Tyga, Kevin McCall, Ace Hood, Chris Brown

Cypher 7 - Shady 2.0 (Yelawolf, Slaughterhouse and Eminem)

BET Hip Hop Awards Performances (Video)

BET's Hip Hop Awards definitely did not disappoint...enjoy the performances y'all!

Big Sean


Young Jeezy and T.I.

Wiz Khalifa

Maybach Music

Lupe Fiasco

Heavy D

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Rating System...Would Like Input!

Am I a 3...4...or 5?

Hey guys!

For the last little bit I've been writing these reviews and I have a few more I want to write (9th Wonder's latest album, Game and others) but I am kind of running out of photos of the women to use.

So based upon the rating system I got...I would appreciate a new set of women you think should grace the numbering system. Just comment down below please and thank you!

Dee-1 - Uncle Tom (Video)


More visuals from an angry dude...

Stalley - Born to Win (Video)


Continuing the unreal "Always On" promotion, Nike joins up Stalley with Lakers giant and Kardashian Grenade holder, Lamar Odom

Nas - Nasty (Video)

This song is unreal...and the video does not disappoint with Nas bigging up where he started from as always...QUEENSBRIDGE!

Crazy product placement though

Yo Gabba Gabba and the Roots Perform on The Jimmy Fallon Show


My niece loves these guys but so much win on one stage.

Bootsy Collins, Biz Markie, Erykah Badu and the Roots? GTFO!

DJ Drama - Third Power (Album)

DJ DRAMA!!! MR. THANKSGIVING!!! Drops his album!

Download: DJ Drama - Third Power (Album)

Jay Electronica - Call of Duty ft. Mobb Deep

All I can say is...hold onto your butts!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Album Review: J. Cole - Cole World: The Sideline Story

After killing the internets for the last couple of years, grinding the streets hard to get that check...and finally getting the attention of the hip hop mogul (if not God) Jay-Z after Jay-Z told him he didn't want to hear his shit...J. Cole finally dropped his album under the Roc Nation conglomerate.

Now if you don't know J. Cole (well read this) but in summarization, J. Cole is a hit producer (producing tracks for everyone from Diddy, Wale to Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T. and many other up and coming artists, an unreal writer (he wrote the majority of the song he produced for Diddy, Coming Home) and most unreal lyricist. So a lot of hip hop junkies have been following J. Cole for awhile. But the lack of a street single, hot major mixtape game, or major song following and radio single...a lot of people we're terrified that this apprentice of the great HOVA would be doomed for failure.  


Enter the heavy delays..the Work Out song, which was to be his single which had his fans saying WHAAAAA...and the lack of video play for the dude coming before the album drops. A lot of people were worried for J. Cole, and J. Cole was scared himself. Frankly, I was scared for the dude. I am a BIG J. Cole fan. When I first heard his Simba joints, I was like this is mah dude. But the lack of any promotion before an album that is being labelled as the next Jay-Z...would he actually blow up? And the lack of any reaffirmation from Jay-Z. Yes the co-sign was there since he was signed under the Jigga man, but no photos of them together and then the debacle that is the Jay-Z verse on the album...

So the album dropped...and I was scared. I mean his mixtapes before hand were alright and the only song that seemed to really get my respect was the Drake laced joint, In The Morning. So I grabbed the album, and ladies and gentlemen, I was put in my place. This album is unbelievably filthy. J. Cole...man...this album is easily in the top 3 of 2011. You already know its getting the Ximena. Its time to explain why this album gets the Ximena.

The album starts off with a smooth piano line with J. Cole and his boys discussing and laughing about J. Cole and the day he got signed. Rapping over the smooth piano line and jazz instruments that join in to kind of set the tone. The album is essentially an ode to his upbringing. Dollar and a Dream discusses the hustle and mental pains he had to go through in order to be the, "Nice guy with a mean flow," with next to no cash in order to get started. His joint Sideline Story starts with the interlude about what happened right after he found out he signed to Jay-Z...hilarious and an unreal story. But then goes into the whole Jay-Z giving no physical co-sign to J. Cole. The dude discusses all the media attention he didn't have and how Jay-Z may be recording in a castle, but he was selling out shows internationally on the regular, while always going back to the idea of being on the sideline...wanting to show his talent...let him in coach! The album continues on the story...the journey and the ride.

Now you've been hearing other albums of the same nature. Discussing the hustle, the life pains, the mental strains, etc. What separates J. Cole?

J. Cole is a lot more intelligent that the regular MC, but too audacious for the underground circuit. The dude is easily one of the best lyrical artists in the game today. He's able to drop these unreal snapback like rhymes with the punchlines that kill, while always maintaining the credibility that all of his raps come from within his emotions. Look at his joint, Sideline Story.

Some nigga ask me why Jay never shout me out
Like I’m supposed to give a fuck
Don’t you know that I be out in France
Where the fans throw they hands like Pacquiao
Not cause my looks, cause my hooks could knock Rocky out

While he drops knowledge on everything from his career struggles, to his father's infidelities, to a man and woman's point of view of unplanned pregnancies he does it in a way that while you bump your head to the unreal production (and I mean unreal, I found myself bumping my head consistently after 40 spins of this album) you are downloading an unreal amount of intelligence. Some call it Feel Good Music, some call it Intelligent Trunk Music. I just call it my type of ish!

So the production = unreal. Its no Lex Luger club beats. Its straight instrumental - well planned, great choice of music. The beats go perfectly with the content of the song. I am sooo happy to hear this kind of production on a major label album. The piano line from In the Morning...symbolises just the after the bar scene of romance. The majority of the songs are essentially put together with the kick-snare drums and the major key piano lines, with the addition of the string instruments and the odd guitar riffs. The dude was able to find the right balance of ingredients in his production such that it doesn't sound cluttered but a perfect balance of straight awesome. The dude knows that too much pop and flash can lead to a terrible album.

The other highlight of this album...is its all J. Cole. There are only 4 featurings on this album. Trey Songz is on the hot hook for Can't Get Enough, a song about that girl who simply can't get enough of the dude. The perfect single...but the song is just unreal. I mean the dude spits fire on the joint.

Now I ain't got no kids yet, but this right here's for practice
I hate to get the seats in the Benz wet, but that's how good yo' ass is
Make an old man get his glasses, make Wesley pay his taxes
Then follow yo' moves all week on Twitter, prolly make a gay nigga reconsider
You now rockin' with the best, mayne, dress game down to the sex game
Won't brag, but the boy been blessed, mayne, let you play with the stick, Ovechkayne
She calling, she texting, she's falling, but lemme explain
Gotta tell your old boyfriend skate, girl, 'cause a nigga don't play them ex games
No! Straight sexing, no handcuff or arresting
And I ain't comin' offa my last name, 'cause I really can't take no stressing
'Bout where I done been, who I done hit, your homegirl sayin', "He a bad boy"
But I'm signed to the Roc, no time for the gossip, bitch, put down them tabloids

Then the other featurings of Drake, who uses his under the voice tone to serenade the women for the after-bar experience, which will lead to him waking up beside you and asking for it again, In The Morning. Missy Elliot (who I thought was dying of some vocal-related disease) comes out of hiding and shows up BIG on Nobody's Perfect. She sings the perfect chorus for the joint dedicated to his girl, to let her know that he may not be perfect with all the rumors flying around about his infidelity, partying and what not but she needs to know that he is all hers.

Lastly, the most important of the 4 featurings...Jay-Z. It came down to the wire for his verse. Everyone would ask Cole if he got the Jay-Z verse, and he would always say he's waiting on it. Came on the most perfect joint for the duo. On Mr. Nice Watch (easily one of my favorite joints on the album), J. Cole discusses the fact that everyone is too nice to be the next big dude. But how you going to ignore the shows, the hoes, the money that be coming his way. Using his hard hitting, hit you upside the head flow...J. Cole really sets you up to let you know that he's going to ball while we are here until the end of days. Then Jay comes on...and the dude does not disappoint. I put the song down below...listen to it and go through the lyrics. This joint is just filthy. At the end of the joint, Jay gives the vocal and most prevalent co-sign J. Cole needs.

Yeah, everybody got a bad side
Drop, let me see that shit
What you say Cole ain't hot? What!
Where you read that shit?
You believe that shit?
All cause some lame nigga tweet that shit
Have you seen my shows, have you seen my hoes?
If I wasn't hot would they be so thick?
Guess not, got the game in a headlock
I'm blasting at, I'm laughing at you old niggas, Redd Foxx
Don't mind me boy, I'm red hot
Umm nigga, they not,
I'm over here, I'm over there
I'm everywhere they not
(I said)
You'll never play me, nice try
Ballin' in the night spot
No more Mr Nice guy, hello Mr Nice watch
You don't want no problems, put yourself in a tight spot so
You can look but don't touch
I'll stay on my toes like them White Sox

Cause it cost me a lot
My chain and my watch
They say time is money, but really it's not
If we ever go broke girl, than time is all we got
And you can't make that back, no you can make that back so
Let's ball while we here
Let's ball while we here
Like ain't no tomorrow, like ain't no next year
Drink away all our problems, make it rain with no care
Like I'll make that back, fuck it I'll make that back

Nice watch
Nice watch (I know)
Nice watch
No more Mr Nice Guy, hello Mr Nice Watch

Stack on black, I ain't never been a high roller
Now it's racks on racks
Never thought that I would ride Rover
But I'm back on track, add to the fact that I never really drive sober
Cole World but I'm hot as shit
Do that mean that I'm Bi-polar?
Young black and gifted, I rap like it's Christmas eve
Coach wouldn't let him off the bench, no wonder why they quit the team
But, I'm cut from a different sleeve
Cole World so the wrist'll freeze
Hurry up with your pictures please
I gotta make history

It cost me a lot, my chain and my watch
They say time is money, but really it's not
If we ever go broke girl, than time is all we got
And you can't make that back, no you can't make that back so
Let's ball while we here
Let's ball while we here
Like ain't no tomorrow, like ain't no next year
Drink away all our problems, make it rain with no care
Like I'll make that back, fuck it I'll make that back

Nice watch
Nice watch (I know)
Nice watch
No more Mr Nice Guy, hello Mr Nice Watch

I got a Hublot I call it Tebow
I strap that bitch with a Gator band
Y'all niggas ball half time ya'll niggas like the gator band
Y'all niggas need a timeout, who got these niggas all wind up
Cocksucka I'm 7:30, y'all know where you'll niggas gon wind up (the 7:30 line is a Big L reference)
No more Mr Nice Guy, hello Mr Nice Watch
Only but a matter of time 'fore I hit ya'll niggas with the nice shot
Y'all niggas, better not call the law
Get no blood on my Audemar
Meaning ya'll better not waste my time
When y'all ready I'll take you all to war
Meanwhile I'm just chopping off doors
Put the front on the back cause I'm back and forth
Put the front on the back of the 'bach like a boss
So I fronting on niggas when I'm backing off
Uh, what up Cole, It's your time
Let these niggas know
Adjust ya Roley's on these muthafucking hoes
Whenever you ready, go!

It cost me a lot, my chain and my watch
If we ever go broke, girl, then time is all we got
(Oh yeah, oh yeah)

So the album has been out for awhile...is it a success? It sold 218,000 units in the first week. An album...with no promotion...with no main radio single...with no major street anthem...with no visual representation on TV...sold almost a quarter of a million in the first week. J. Cole's album is easily one of the best things I have heard in the last little bit. Cop this...IMMEDIATELY...start bumping your head to straight lyrical knowledge.

Yo Cole, Adjust your Roley's on these ma'f***** hoes!

Live Performances at Concerts I Rocked Out At

So me and my homey Stu decided to go to as many concerts as we possibly could (that are worth it) in the GTA area...and so far we hit up Big Sean, Raekwon and then I went to a Childish Gambino concert with some other friends. I also hit up an N.E.R.D. concert last term that was beyond dope but I recorded some of the performances at these concerts and I am posting them here (please excuse some of the shaking because some of the concerts got wild!)
(UPDATED 18/07/2011 - Mac Miller)
(UPDATE 10/10/2011 - Nas, Lauryn Hill, Atmosphere, Evidence, Prof, Lupe Fiasco, Kardinal Offishall, Melanie Fiona and Stalley)

Big Sean - Supa Dupa Lemonade
Big Sean - Supa Dupa Lemonade (Live) from Eh P on Vimeo.

Raekwon - C.R.E.A.M./Can It All Be So Simple
Raekwon - C.R.E.A.M. (Live) from Eh P on Vimeo.

Childish Gambino - Let Me Dope You
Childish Gambino - Let Me Dope You (Live) from Eh P on Vimeo.

Childish Gambino - Break (AOTL)
Childish Gambino - Break (AOTL) (Live) from Eh P on Vimeo.

Mac Miller - Get Up
Mac Miller - Get Up (Live) from Eh P on Vimeo.

Mac Miller - Oy Vey
Mac Miller - Oy Vey (Live) from Eh P on Vimeo.

Prof - Yeah Buddy

Evidence - Mr. Slow Flow

Atmosphere - Puppets

Nas - Hate Me Now

Nas - Halftime

Nas - Made You Look

Nas - Live at the Barbeque

Lauryn Hill - To Zion

Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop (That Thing)

Kardinal Offishall - Money Jane

Kardinal Offishall - The Anthem

Melanie Fiona - This Time

Scott Jackson Beat Boxing ft. Melanie Fiona

Stalley - See the Milq in the Chevy/The Tune Up

Stalley - Hercules

Lupe Fiasco - Shining Down/Solar Midnite

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gobble Gobble Weekend of Goodies!

Here's some hip hop for your Thanksgiving weekend homey!








DJ Drama - Take My City ft. Crooked I and B.o.B.

Freddie Gibbs - Look Easy

50 Cent - 50's My Favorite

Pac Div - The Greatness

DJ Kay Slay - Justice ft. Lloyd Banks, Sheek Louch, Tony Yayo and Styles P

Jelani - Japanese Architecture

Get Busy Committee - Opening Ceremony (Mixtape)