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Friday, September 30, 2011

T.I. - I'm Flexin' ft. Big K.R.I.T./2 Chainz - Spend It (Remix) ft. T.I.

This dude is my dude! I'm a huge T.I. fan and the fact he's dropping music when he's only been a free man for...2 days...I'm excited!

Flexin' ft. Big K.R.I.T.

Spend It (Remix)

Jon Connor - Dirty Diana

Jon Connor releasing a Dirty Diana song...

"Well, jeez thanks tips!"

Yonas Michael - House Full of Women

I see his picture, and I could only imagine what he would do in a house full of women...but the dude can spit

Curren$y - Light Snacks

Light snacks...I wonder what you would need those for? #PuffPuffPass

9th Wonder - Jamla's Coming at You ft. Thee Tom Hardy, Rapsody and Skyzoo

Off of the upcoming A3C collabo album...October 4th!

Young Jeezy - F.A.M.E. (Fake A$$ Motherf****** Envy) ft. T.I.

T.I. just got released from the halfway house...and already songs are popping up. I ain't mad, I'm a HUGE T.I. fan. Latest single off of TM 103, which is to come out...well...it needs a release date that is not pushed back...

Gilbere Forte - Black Soul ft. Big K.R.I.T.

Gilbere going down Souf to find that Black Soul

N.O.R.E. - Scared Money ft. Meek Mill and Pusha T

The Puerto Rican is at it again!

Vado, C Nellz and Jae Millz - Presidential Rolex

Adjust your Rollie on those M'Fn hoes!

Busta Rhymes - N***** In Paris (Freestyle)

Whenever he goes off...he just goes off and explodes! More legit fire from Busta!

Shalone - Meaning in My Life (Video)



Crooked I - Just (The Tip) FreestyleB

Baby...just...just the tip ahaha

Blu - Open (Album)

The infamous Blu and his album Open...need I say more?

Download: Blu - Open (Album)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Swollen Members - Do or Die (Video)


Off of their album, Dagger Mouth, which is available now!

Maino - Glad To Be Alive (Video)



The Gooneez - Too Strong ft. Kendrick Lamar

This song is beeeeyond dope!

Wale - Lotus Flower Bomb ft. Miguel

More MMG, More Wale!

Pusha T - Body Work ft. Juicy J, Meek Mill and French Montana

Interesting line up for a Pusha T joint but dope

DJ Drama - Everything that Glitters ft. French Montana and Pusha T

Not really fan of glitter but big homey puts on for this one

Jay Rock - Money (Video)


More from the Black Hippy affiliated gang banger!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

50 Cent - The Enforcer/Love, Hate, Love

Off of the Real Steel soundtrack!


Love, Hate, Love

Neako - Scanners ft. Wiz Khalifa


Murs and Ski Beats - Let's Go (Video)


Murs and Ski Beats dropping a video for their joint on the first ever AC3 Festival album dropping October 4th!

YC the Cynic - Hello, Newman!

YC dropping some Seinfeld based raps!

Hello, Newman! by YC The Cynic

Random Axe - Chewbacca ft. Roc Marciano(Video)



Curren$y - Ways to Kill Em (Video)


New ish from the weed rolling dynamo!

Future - Magic (Remix) ft. T.I.

The King is BACK!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday's Music

Not in the mood to write a different post for every song that came out so here y'all go.


Busta Rhymes - Lay Em to Rest ft. Reek Da Villain, Uncle Murda and French Montan

Tyga - Still Got It ft. Drake

ScHoolboy Q - Druggy's With Hoes Again ft. Ab-Soul

Pusha T - Don't Fuck With Me

Album Review: Ace Hood - Blood, Sweat and Tears

I have completely fallen off the album review thing in the last little bit and after a summer of hot releases, I am reviewing the albums that stuck in my playlist for the last little bit.

Ace Hood dropped two albums before this, which received critical acclaims as straight hood albums. With songs filled with DJ Khaled yells and featurings from names like Rick Ross, Lil' Wayne, Fabolous and other artists who already have a solid foundation, even though critics speak highly, his albums never hit the broader audience which equalizes in retail sales.

Enter Blood, Sweat and Tears. Ace Hood, being a somewhat reputable rapper, never made the money most artists do. So his humble belongings are still with him on his third major label album. The dude discusses how even after 2 albums, he's still living in the gutter. Funny when you're on a label with DJ Khaled, who's now signed with Young Money Cash Money Records, you still can't afford lavish things. So instead of getting salty...the dude finna went in!

The dude straight out came out with a street BANGER! Hustle Hard came out to so much acclaim that every dude in the hood was banging it. Paired up with Lex Luger, Ace Hood essentially describes what he's been in with a song that was hotter than the sun on the first day of summer. The song was so hot...it was remixed by a who's who in lyrical cunning artists. Dudes like Meek Mill, Maino, Jim Jones, Joell Ortiz, Lil' Kim, Obie Trice, Yo Gotti, Young Jeezy, Slim Thug and a slew of other artists making hits on YouTube. Many athletes are using the song as a theme song and Sidney Crosby is using the song as a way to help with his post concussion syndrome. One song...already a classic. Easily in the top 20 of 2011.

What does that speak for the rest of the album? My favorite part of this entire album is the evolution of Ace Hood. I always liked him. I thought he chose the wrong label to begin with. The dude is a straight gully rapper. This guy, lyrically, can step to the majority of the cats in the game. But he signed with flashy as gold DJ Khaled. With this third album, it doesn't matter. The dude's flow and gangster'd up content and is everything and the kitchen sink folks! The only criticism I have is his stop and go rhyme pattern, which he delivers in the majority of his songs, making it repetitive. You got on Hustle Hard...
N**** ain’t no doubt about it/riding ‘round with that rocket, Load it up and I cock it/send ‘bout a couple off in your noggin’.
Then on Go and Get It,
No doubt me as my dick-o, tryin get my mom on pay roll
When I put her in that benz-o,
Dick kinda hard when the punch low
Lyrically the dude essentially speaks on what he has been through, even with two albums out. The rhyme pattern he chooses, even though repetitive, portrays his emotion and his last ditch effort he is trying to portray in music. The album is called Blood, Sweat and Tears and he wants the listener to know that this is everything he has.

Content wise the album is good. Its not just filled with Lex Luger beats that sound like every other Lex Luger produced track, but he gets to actual serious content when he discusses his vulnerability. Letter to my Ex is essentially a biting response to once a love one, a classic ghetto love song. Then joints like Lord Knows have him begging for a higher power to step in and make it all good again, discussing the times with no food, no shelter and a beaten up family. The the joint that hits home is Spoke to My Mama, where he drops the stop and go flow and just goes in on a piano infused track, which rounds off the album nicely discussing how from the struggle, the rise up and what not, he can finally tell his mama to smile cause they made it.

Ace Hood wanted the listener to see the Blood, Sweat and Tears in this album. This listener is an Ace Hood fan and believes that this is everything he has to offer...on the current label he is under. I appreciate this album. I think all over its a complete album with club bangers, street anthems, and straight Feel Good Music. The repetitive stop and go pattern and the Lex Luger based beats kind of make the album repetitive, which doesn't help his album on the whole. The last thing you want is someone to say, "Oh that song sounds like this song." That is the case here...but overall its a good album. Definitely worth the spin. Definitely worth the respect. Definitely worth the Kardashian Booty!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

J. Cole - Daddy's Little Girl (Video)


J. Cole's newest single off his much anticipated album that drops this Tuesday! The song is crazy deep!

Charles Hamilton - C.A.T.S. Can/Gynaphobia II (Mixtape)

After doing his bid in jail, getting off of the drugs...Charles Hamilton went right back into what he did best...rap. This All City Chess Club member releases 2 mixtapes at once...word...and a lot of them have real thought and knowledge in the music. Check this kid out!

Download: Charles Hamilton - Gynaphobia II (Mixtape)

Download: Charles Hamilton - C.A.T.S. Can (Mixtape)

The Weekend of Awesome Music, Free Concerts and an Unreal Amount of Poutine!

Yes this is true...I am the World's Amateur Poutine Champion and now hold a record for most poutine eaten in a 6 minute period...of 2.5 lbs. I hold the record because they've never had a sanctioned match for 6 minutes, but I did it and won!

What I win? A poutine a week for the next year. That's 52 poutines! Now instead of eating poutine on the regular, my plan is to donate the poutines to the local homeless in my area here in Toronto since homelessness is an issue. So for all those people who be hating on me winning an all you can eat competition because the world is starving and what not...

So with that in the books, its time I get back to all the music I missed out on. Toronto's Manifesto Festival is on tonight with Rakim, Phonte, 9th Wonder, Blu and Exile as the big acts. Just got back from seeing Stalley and honestly I was the only real fan there. Big dude held down and put on a solid set! Much respect to my dude and expect those videos up soon! Don't know if I'll make it to the Rakim but a lot of respect to the cats who organized all the festivities this week! Check out the music that's dropped this last week down below!

Bow Wow - Alright (Wizzle Mix)

B.o.B. - Strange Clouds ft. Lil' Wayne

Jim Jones - Jungle Brothers Freestyle

Royce Da 5'9" - Random Bars