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Friday, July 29, 2011

Rapsody - I Do Belong

If you have not given this girl a spin in your audio players...you are surely mistaken. Extra ish off of the sessions for her Thank H.E.R. Now album

Phil Adé - Ballin' (Freestyle)

This dude be all sorts of lyrical ballin on the Young Jeezy beat!

Meek Mill - We Gon Get Dis (Video)


Where are all these videos coming from?

Consequence - Everybody Told Me 2 (Straighten It Out)

And the dissing begins...

Swollen Members - Execution ft. Phil Da Agony, A-plus, Opio and Krondon/Mad Child - Little King Kong

Swollen Members dropping a new album on August 2nd. Mad Child is dropping his solo act soon too! Also, Mad Child will be participating in an international freestyle competition next week in Toronto, which I would like to go see. Other names in the competition is Slaine, Illmaculate, Dirtbag Dan and a few other cats known for going H.A.M. off the top of the dome and not off of their BlackBerry.


Little King Kong

Hell Rell - Nothing to Fool With ft. M-Dot and Benefit

The best part about Hell Rell songs coming out is the quotes that come out with there...here are a few!

-Hell Rell’s face is the last active Volcano in the U.S.

-Hell Rell’s face was the original DJ needle used to scratch records.

-Hell Rell sparked the Boston Tea Party cause a pilgrim bouncer said his name wasnt on the list.

-Hell Rell’s face is the real reason behind the the leather basketball coming back.

-Hell Rell chews dice in his off-time.

-Hell Rell crys rocks.

-Hell Rell was the first crack dealer….to cook crack with his own face.

-Hell Rell was behind the Watergate Scandal.

-Mayor Bloomberg passed a law to make Rell’s facial secretions into a new bridge.

-The last person that tried Hell Rell is being served as a breakfast special at Denny’s right now

-Oil isnt pumped from underground, it is really Hell Rells bath water

-The cure for aids was found almost 30 years ago, but Hell Rell didnt let them release it because he rather “watch homos die slow”

-The top five greatest rappers alive are: 1.Hell Rell 2. Hell Rell 3. Hell Rell 4. Hell Rell 5. Hell Rell

-Grand Theft Auto is really a biography of Hell Rell. It was originally called “Ruger Stories”

-The U.S. didnt really drop a atomic bomb….they parachuted Hell Rell into Hiroshima and unleashed him.

-Hell Rell watches prison executions for entertainment.

-The U.S. doesnt want to build the wall to stop illegal aliens, Mexico wants to build the wall to keep Hell Rell out

-Hell Rells brother plays the caveman in the Geico commercials

-Hell Rell and his reflection got BEEF

-The U.S. doesnt want to build the wall to stop illegal aliens, Mexico wants to build the wall to keep Hell Rell out

-Hell Rell’s album won’t have his face on the front cover…thank god

-Hell Rell ends mirror’s lives like Brandy’s driving

-Hell Rell tried to duplicate his face on Saint’s Row…the game crashed

-Hell Rell lets his son use his face as a punching bag

-Hell Rell was involved in a car accident….the car lost

-Hell Rell was cloned in 1993…the result, Craig Mack

-The prision gaurds at Guantanamo Bay use pictures of Hell Rell to have the detainees talk. They say it works better then hypnotism

-Hell Rell was originally cast as Jeffrey on Fresh Prince, but after he pimp slapped Uncle Phil for eating the last Oreo, his contract was terminated.

-Hell Rell had to have his ruger surgically removed from his hand after birth.

-Hell Rell shaves with broken beer bottles.

-Hell Rell has been credited as co-inventor of the wheel.

-Hell Rell was smoking a blunt with God and Satan, they was all chilling, Rell thought Satan would beat God in a fight, God wasn’t on some ***** **** so beat the **** outta Satan, after this they were never friends and created heaven and hell, with Hell Rell the middle man (earth).

-It was Hell Rell who parted the Red Sea, not Moses.

-Hell Rell is environmentally friendly, he drinks petrol (to quich his first) and then pisses it into to his car for fuel, he then inhales the fumes, his lungs automatically turn it into fresh oxygen.

-Hell Rell has a cousin that raps in Memphis that goes by the moniker of Crunchy Black

-Hell Rell tried to make himself in to a vampire one time so he would not have to look in to a mirror

-When Hell Rell turns his back to the sky we call this phenomenon “The Night “

-God had to send Jesus to die for our sins cause Hell Rell Can not be killed

-Beyonce tried to leave Jay-z for Hell Rell, But hell rell told her his true love was The Color Black

-A man was revived by Hell Rells piss we call this drink red bull ….

-Hell Rell once fuck a groupie on a tractor… he left the codom on the tractor and this became optimus-Prime

-The wrinkles in Hell Rell’s face when place under a microscope mimick the Grand Canyon...

Diggy Simmons - Copy, Paste (Video)


His first single has visuals...

Now I always thought Diggy was talented alone as a lyricist. But this is his first music video to the masses and frankly I feel like he's putting on a show that isn't really him...but meh whatever gets the money really.

Travis Barker - Let's Go ft. Lil' Jon, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Yelawolf (Video)


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Some British Triple Jumper...All In


One of the better commercials I've seen in a bit...who knew Warren G and Snoop have game?

B.o.B. - Grip Your Body

Sampling Amy Winehouse...not bad

Off-Rip - Cocky and Arrogant ft. Royce Da 5'9", Joe Budden and FranChize (Video)

Hmm...this could be a theme song for me...

Freddie Gibbs...the Dude Not Afraid to Say Anything...

So a lot of heat comes from one dude from Gary, Indiana. Frederick...aka Freddie Gibbs...has recently signed under Young Jeezy and the CTE movement. Now CTE itself is a gang of individuals who have done work under the infamous Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family so Freddie is lining up with some straight rough dudes.

But Freddie Gibbs is a talented spitter. I have posted some of his joints on this blog already but the dude's music is straight up gangster. With songs like Rob Me a N**** with Alley Boy (who is also known for his antics down south), the kid isn't afraid to tell it like it is.

But most recently, he's let the world know how he feels about individuals like Lil B and the state of hip hop with guys like Wale and Big Sean.

“All that shit was some bullshit, I just called it on that,” he said, recalling his first meeting with Lil B. “And he told me, ‘You know what man, you right. I’m not gay man. It’s love Gibbs, man.’ He thought I was about to dig into him, like do him like my song. But I’m not about to take my time to be dissing this nigga.”

He chalked it up to Lil B being irresponsible with his platform. “Don’t get it twisted, I’m not knocking no gay people or gay-bashing. I just see a young black dude putting a message out there like, ‘I’m gay,’” he continued. “I think that a motherfucker with a platform like that should use that for something other than that.”

As for other rappers like Wale and Big Sean, Gangsta Gibbs didn't hold back. “That’s some buttfuck rap. That’s a whole issue. I’m saying, you can’t even put these niggas [like Wale and Big Sean] in a category. You don’t know what they fuck they are. I’m a gangsta rapper. That shit is just like if you had a box in here of shit you didn’t want, it was just miscellaneous shit, that’s where you’d throw them niggas. It’s a box of lost and found shit.”

So Freddie Gibbs is definitely a name up and coming and check out his stuff on this blog...especially the joint down below with Alley Boy.

Maino - Machine Gun Rap

Respect the JUX!

Crooked I - Nasty/I'm a Boss (Freestyles)

Crooked I, 1/4 of the Slaughterhouse, is going H.A.M. on Nas' and Meek Mill's respective singles

Nasty (Freestyle)

I'm a Boss (Freestyle)

N.O.R.E. - Electrolytes ft. Macy Gray

Electrolytes...Gatorade swag with Macy Gray?

50 Cent - I'm On It

I'm on it...but what is it?

The Game - Infrared

New ish from this bi-polar homey...

Grafh - I'm On One



The Bullits - Run and Hide ft. Jay Electronica (Video)


A lot of people say when Jay Electronica gets on something, its gold. Well so far, its true.

The Pricks - Ghetto Blaster (Remix) ft. Smoke DZA and B-Real

B. Real makes an appearance on this young kids video as well as the self-proclaimed smoke god

Consequence - The Puppet Masters (The World is Watching 2) (Video)


Man this dude has a lot of pent up rage against G.O.O.D. Music

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday's Album Releases - Black Rob and Jay Rock (Updated with Rich Kidd and Skratch Bastid)


Download: Black Rob - Game Tested, Streets Approved (Album)

Download: Jay Rock - Follow Me Home (Album)

Download: Skratch Bastid Presents The Entertainer (Mixtape)

Download: Rich Kidd - We On Some Rich Kidd Shiiiiit v.5: Born to Win (Mixtape)

Meek Mill - Y'all Don't Know Me Freestyle (Video)


Maybach Music...Maybach Music...Maybach Music...

Sunni Colon - Black Noise

This dude is just mint. Unconditionally, bonafide mint. Couldn't find a pic that I could use...so don't complain...

Young Buck - Geeked Up

The Amy Winehouse reference might have been a little to early...but this joint ain't bad.

Nas - What More Can I Say ft. Keyshia Cole

Unreleased track from God Son!

Jadakiss and Styles P - Otis Freestyle

The latest to jump on the Kanye and Jay-Z Otis joint? None other than D-Block's own Jadakiss and Styles P.

And I hear its better than the original...

Stalley - Pound (Video)


You got bass? Turn that shizzit up cause this shit is legit! Maybe my favorite member of Maybach Music...

Joell Ortiz - Night Train (Remix) ft. Bun B and Tech N9ne

An absolute classic off of his work in 2010 now remixed by more classics.

The Game - Pot of Gold ft. Chris Brown (Video)

Honestly who is this guy? One second he's dropping a sick joint saying his album is coming out...then you don't hear from him...then he's dissing 50 Cent or someone...then he says dumb stuff like he wants to join Cash Money Records...then he's reaching out to 50 saying lets be dudes again...COME ON SON!

Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry on Their Own (Organized Noize x Dungeon Family Mix)

An unreleased mix of the late artist comes out straight from the Trans DF Express

Amy Winehouse - "Tears Dry on their Own" (Organized Noize Dungeon Family Remix) by Big Boi

2 Chainz (Tity Boi) - Pimps ft. Bun B and Big K.R.I.T.

Tity Boi aka 2 Chainz has really started coming out with joints and he's sitting with 2 Southern giants...the beat is a nice chill jazz scene...

DJ Thoro - Wake Up Fucked Up ft. Jadakiss, Cassidy and D-Lo

When I saw D-Lo, I immediately thought of this dude...not its not him on the joint...

Grafh - It's Just Music ft. Joe Budden


Word. These lyrical kings of the internet finally get on the same beat? Yes. Studio session above, song below.

Monday, July 25, 2011

D-Pryde, J. Reyez, Ahmir, Chilla Jones, Mr. Jones - Lighters


Going over the Bad Meets Evil beat...and not bad...internet rappers are getting better than actual rappers.

DOOMSTARKS (Doom and Ghostface Killah) - Victory Laps

This joint has been in the works and rumoured to be true. Two of the illest rap superstars with the biggest alter-egos in the game have come together like an amazing comic book collabo! They are dropping a limited edition mixtape seen above with all of their shit!

Wu-Tang - Drunk Tongue (Video)


Off of the Legendary album out now!

DJ Drama - Oh My (Remix) ft. Trey Songz, 2 Chainz and Big Sean

There was a lot of talk about this joint...about someone on the track going in on someone else. Listen to what Big Sean is saying...its directed at Drake.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vado - Always On (Team Nike Commercial)


Team Nike served as the inspiration for Vado's summer anthem "Always On," and this video shows members of the squad practicing what the lyrics preach. We see how Adris "2 Hard 2 Guard" DeLeon and Quinton "T2" Hosley hold it down in the streets of New York City: they ride the subway, spend time with their families and, of course, get shots up in practice. "You gotta be dedicated everyday," says T2, a Harlem native, describing his focused mentality. "Always be ready to perform." At the end, we see the pair joining their teammates under the lights at Dyckman Park, the Uptown hoops mecca where Team Nike has been crushing opponents all summer. Check it out here.

All I know is the dude got a big endorsement deal!

D-Pryde - Mr. Prizzy (Video)


Video for his joint off of his MARS Mixtape...asians can rap.

Pablo Dylan - Top of the World/10 Minutes (Mixtape)

So this guy Pablo Dylan is a rapper, singer, producer for acts like Gucci Mane...but the one thing that got this kid a lot of attention is that he is the grandson of one of the greatest musicians in history, Bob Dylan.

Is he good? Judge yourself, the standout track on his mixtape is down below and if you're interested...download the mixtape below as well.


Download: Pablo Dylan - 10 Minutes (Mixtape)

M.I.A. - 27 (A Dedication to All My Friends Who Died at 27)

M.I.A. drops a track for all of her friends (including Amy Winehouse) who have passed away at the age of 27.

Skillz - Yeah...So What (Otis Freestyle)

Now this dude has been nice for quite sometime. He's been a ghostwriter for a lot of cats in the game and he can hold his own...so that's why he jumped on this little track right here!

Meek Mill - Work ft. Rick Ross


Wiz Khalifa - Prince of the City (Freestyle)

Going over an old Young Jeezy track

Pill - The Diagnosis (Mixtape)

Screaming out MMG! Pill dropping a street mixtape to add to the already expanding repertoire behind Maybach Music

Download: Pill - The Diagnosis (Mixtape)