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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lupe Fiasco - Out of My Head ft. Trey Songz (Video)


I completely forgot to post this video...

Pusha T - Trouble on My Mind ft. Tyler the Creator

When news came out about this collabo, the internet went nuts. I mean Tyler the Creator is nice but he's got a long way to go to garner real success in the game. Still though, neat combination of lyrical skill...

Friday, July 8, 2011

A GQ Review of Jay-Z x Kanye West - Watch the Throne

Probably one of the most anticipated albums of the year...a real exclusive and secret listening party happened and GQ had access. Here's their review of it!

GQ Review of Watch the Throne

Vakill - Armor of God (Album)

Some absolutely filthy tracks on this one...

Download: Vakill - Armor of God (Album)

Wu-Tang - Start the Show/Meteor Hammer ft. Action Bronson and Termanology

Wu-Tang Clan and their affiliates are dropping a collabo album on July 26th called Legendary Albums. Check out the tracklist!

01. Start the Show ft. Raekwon and RZA
02. Laced Cheeba f. Ghostface, Sean Price and Trife Diesel
03. Diesel Fluid f. Method Man, Trife Diesel and Cappadonna
04. Played By The Game
05. The Black Diamonds f. Ghostface, Roc Marciano and Killa Sin
06. Legendary Weapons f. Ghostface, AZ and M.O.P.
07. Never Feel This Pain f. Inspectah Deck, U-God and Tre Williams
08. Angels Got Wings
09. Drunk Tongue f. Killa Sin
10. 225 Rounds f. U-God, Cappadonna, Bronze Nazareth and RZA
11. Meteor Hammer f. Ghostface, Action Bronson and Termanology
12. Live Through Death
13. Only the Rugged Survive f. RZA
14. Outro

DOOOOOOOOH! Can't wait!

Start the Show

Meteor Hammer

Joell Ortiz - Psycho ft. Pharoah Monch and B.o.B.

Going over the psycho joint from Tech N9ne's album...and these dudes go in. Pharoah Monch is absolutely dirty as an MC. Underrated much?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Consequence - On My Own ft. KiD CuDi

This was suppose to be on his debut album under the G.O.O.D. Music label but then after a fall out...its now on his MoD Vol. 3 mixtape dropping soon.

Tyga and Chris Brown - Snapbacks Back (Video)

Did they really bring it back? Meh...

Ace Hood - Go N Get It (Video)


Dude is having a very successful summer thus far...

Cee Lo Green - Bright Lights, Bigger Cities (Remix) ft. Wiz Khalifa (Video)


Not a bad funk joint

Wayback Playback - Jay-Z - Izzo (H.O.V.A.)


This one comes from Anton...crazy cats show up in this video...and a young Kanye too!

Master P - Meagan Good

The original No Limit Soldier decided a little come back with some unreleased joint...

Raekwon - Rich and Black ft. Nas (Video)


Shallah son!

Young Buck - Addicted

After getting kicked out of G-Unit and running into issues with the IRS, Buck is getting back on his grind

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Album Review: Big Sean - Finally Famous

After putting all his effort and time trying to get noticed, to making the most of a radio spot he did with Kanye, to dropping 3 mixtapes that became classics to finally going on tour as a main stay act, selling out venues everywhere...is the dude Finally Famous?

Last week, Big Sean dropped his album off of the G.O.O.D. Music label (the first artist besides Kanye to do so). Leading up to this album release, Big Sean made it known that he wants this bad. He wanted to succeed in the game so much, that when any sort of acclimation was shown, his emotions would get the best of him. On two occasions, Big Sean cried in front of his fans when they showed their support in such a way that caught Big Sean and the media off guard. Now that sounds corny, but if you truly care for something so bad that when it finally comes to you, that your dreams come true, what would you do? Emotions get the best of you. Seeing him perform live, the dude puts his heart out on the stage and leaves nothing behind. This dude has sacrificed a lot to get here, and it shows on his album.

Before I talk about the songs, the production is what you would expect.  This dude rolls with Kanye, and Kanye only rolls in gold.  The production quality on this album is bar none up there with some of the best Kanye-related albums out there.  I mean Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay...that beat bangs and that's just one song out of 12.  Every beat is dirty, moving  and with a hypnotic bass line that just bangs.  You think its too hard of a bass hit, but it just fits right with every joint.

Now the music and lyrical content...Big Sean's "Want to Succeed" is seen clearly in his lyrical structure.  Known for the flow that uses similes without the use of like or as (not a metaphor in this case) is what made Drake and a few other famous, who credit their flow to Big Sean.  He uses that flow at will and still is even to portray a story or picture or something he wants you to know.  Big Sean is the typical black dude, seen clearly in the Dance (A$$) joint where he talks about his love for the rear end (and the joint samples MC Hammer, I mean goddamn!).  Then you have the radio hits I Do It and My Last, which are instant summer hits.  These joints will be at every club and you know kids will be whiling out.  But then you got deep sentimental raps like Memories Part II featuring John Legend, and also the Intro of the album discussing the hardships the dude has faced and the sacrifices he's made.  I like Memories Part II.  It shows how a dude can be a young talented cat who obviously has turned a lot of stones, but yet can look back and say that these are what made me who I am today, so I'll appreciate them in any way.  The Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay joint is probably the killer of the album.  Kanye and Big Sean trading rhymes and playing off of each other and Roscoe Dash's eerily addictive voice just SCREAMS play me at every club, every radio station and every dude who owns a set of speakers in a vehicle...which people walking down the street with their headphones banging the same song.  And to think, that's what they came up with Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay...I mean damn get these kids some BB King and Ace of Spades or something and see what we get!

His last joint is essentially his entire career in summary.  Its too good, So Much More
[Verse 1]
Feeling like I got the cheat code to life
Jewelry looking like it got free-throwed in ice
Debating with the Reaper not to repo my life
Cause in my 23 years I've lived a couple lives
Like why? Cause I stunt? Bag the tree like it's fall?
The girls that was out of my league trying to play with my balls
I pay bills, I work hard, and when my mama cried a river
They never gave us a bridge, they gave us a bridge card
Nigga riding low, puffing on loud
I came way too far to fuck it up now
Text from my mom said me and your grandma proud
I'm way too deep in the game to go sit back in the crowd
Teacher told me to get a job, save up for 401(K)
Man, I'd rather be young as shit counting 401k
I'd rather die with a smile instead
I'm just multiplying my money and dividing the legs


[Verse 2]
But I'm never dividing the bread
Bitch, I bet I get the debit if I don't get the cred I deserve
Throwing West side up like Pac up
Where they pop your block up, big poppa Flocka
If you only know one ho who roll with Chewbacca
I'm Balenciaga, Chanel, Hermes but I bet you that you won't find it
Rockin' Louis and MCM, I guess I'm clothes-minded
I'm in the Obama suite, you one below in the Joe Biden
I'm in your city just chilling where all your hoes hiding?
20k for the fit because it's 24 carats
I can't lie, the price'll probably go up when I wear it
I'm just D-town repping
Making all these niggas who second-guessed regret it
Regret it like half the hoes I smashed in the sheets
I realize now how much I love Ashley Marie
And when it's all said and done, I'll probably get on my knee
Cause she put up with too many games not to have a ring
Man, she almost cried when she see me on TV on BET
Just making it seem easy! Standing next to Common Sense and Yeezy


[Verse 3]
Man, I wake up to a wet dream
Every day's a Friday and every night's a sex scene
Every week is Fashion Week and every day I'm pressed clean
Detroit's angel, I even got red wings
Headed to the ball, me and three prom queens
It's prom night, and guess who's the prom king?
They having a kissing fight and I'm Don King
Everybody know I'm coming soon like Lebron's ring
Tell me that was the verse of the year
Man, that shit deserves a hearse and a tear
Swear to God I'm overlaid, all my girls get overfucked
All my deals be overpaid and all my joints be overstuffed
Finally Famous bitch, there ain't a fucking thing that's over us
So take that check out and owe it up! Man, I turn impossible possible
And what these niggas could barely see into optical
The same teacher who told me rap is what not to do
Said I'm throwing my life away, if I drop out of school
Want me to come speak to the kids, the point I gotta prove
Is I did everything they told me not to do
After I went down the road they told me not to cruise
They ain't know that was my road to success
Now my picture on the wall hanging to help the kids follow through
My dream girl is every night, my dream car is optimal
My old school look like a T-Rex: I should feed her fossil fuels
Man, I turn my enemies to molecules, lil hoes
Without any preparation, I exceed these expectations
Man they wanna see me dead, but I gave 'em dedication
And I'm yelling fuck 'em all with a hundred exclamations
Cause I'mma be the man til my fucking expiration

See what I mean? Overall this album is incredible. I have no qualms with it. Now usually I got beef with it only being 12 songs seeing that a CD can hold 18-20 songs. But after listening to this album over and over again, I wouldn't want more songs. The 12 songs create a complete album. He kept his featurings to a minimum and only with cats that are at that caliber (Lupe Fiasco, Chiddy Bang, Kanye West, etc.) Its got everything you want. You have your storytelling joints and then you have your club bangers/radio play that even though the masses are dancing to the rhymes, the lyrical content is so creative and thought based that the regular hip hop junkie will appreciate it. After all the bullshit, drama, sacrifices, blood, sweat, time, effort, haters, media, critics, ex-g/f's (who he gave a shout out too on the album insert for inspiration) he came out with an album that highlights his entire rise into the mainstream, and finally being famous. He put his life on the line, and with the desire to succeed so bad, he finally did it...he's finally famous. Now the first Ximena went to The Airplane Boys who I met when they opened for Big Sean. Big Sean follows up a dope act with another dope act of his own...Ximena Navarette. BUY THIS ALBUM! Put it on repeat and just be saying Finally Famous over Everything!

Big Sid - Born on the Block ft. Big K.R.I.T. and Killer Mike

I don't know who this dude is but he did well to get these two Southern giants on his track...makes you question whether or not you from the hood ahaha

Phil Adé - Monte Carlo Dreams

His album drops July 19th and I like this dude a lot so here we go!

RZA - Operator ft. Kool G. Rap and Kosha Dillz

Supposedly this track was just something he did raw with a Jewish kid he picked up and then the legend in the flesh added

Fred The Godson - Move A Little Different ft. Styles P


Dude drops more visuals from his Armageddon Mixtape, but anyone notice how many featurings Styles P has been up to these days?

Kool G. Rap - In Too Deep (Video)


You cop his mixtape yet?

Chiddy Bang - I Can't Stop (Video)

They straight swelly...

Crooked I - Million Dollar Story (Video)

Crooked I "Million Dollar Story" from Treacherous Records on Vimeo.

I love this dude's adlib the best! NSFW though

Cory Gunz - Son of a Gun (Mixtape)

YMCMB's newest spitter drops his mixtape for some street love

Jay Rock - Just Like Me (Video)


STRANGEMUSIC! His album drops July 26th

Diggy - I Get Money (Freestyle) (Video)


Not bad...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday's Drops of Music and Albums

Tony Yayo - Dead Rappers ft. Styles P, Desparado and Problemz

PH (Formerly known as Pumpkinhead) - Hollywood - This one is nice

Theo Martins - Mario Kart

Drag-On - Ribbon in the Sky ft. Styles P - RUFF RYDERS!

Grafh - Work It Out

Toronto's own Brandon Dramatic drops his mixtape...dude is nice

Download: Brandon Dramatic - Domino Jones (Mixtape)

Tuesday Video Drops...

So I'm too angry right now to do a proper post of all the stuff that dropped today. Enjoy the giant post.

The Videos that Dropped Canada Day Long Weekend

Enjoy !

Random Joints That Dropped This Past Weekend

A lot of new songs...too much to make single posts for. Enjoy!

Trae Tha Truth ft. Wale, Lupe Fiasco, Big Boi and Wiz Khalifa

Tony Yayo - Bag Up ft. Fred the Godson and Danny Brown

State Property - Cosmic Kev Freestyle

Common - Ghetto Dreams ft. Nas

Cory Gunz - YMCMB MMG ft. Meek Mill

Pimp C - Finer Thangs ft. Slim Thug

Yelawolf - Gangster of Love ft. CyHi Da Prynce

2Pac - Road to Glory


The Knux - Run ft. KiD CuDi

Monday, July 4, 2011

Album Review: The Airplane Boys - Where've You Been

Before I drop the album review for Big Sean's classic album, I thought I would finally write about these fashion aficionados from Toronto, Beck Motley and Bon Voyage. I first heard them when they opened for Big Sean and these kids killed the set. Bringing tons of live energy with their instrumental and their presence, I was intrigued to listen to them.

I googled them and found their track, Sleep, and with a simple bass beat over an unreal instrumental that mimics a dreamworld state and rhymes that for too long have been overlooked by the mainstream, I got hooked. So they dropped their long time in the making mixtape/album for free and I have been listening to this thing since it came out, May 8.

This album is absolutely unreal. There are too many things to discuss with this album. The production on this album, bar none, is some of the best I ever heard. Now The Roots are known for their instrument based beats and their rhyme tenacity. These kids from Toronto have unreal instrument based beats, which honestly you could probably get the instrumentals from this album and just be content with that. The instrumentals aren't just catchy beats that you hear in the background, the instrumentals themselves set the tone of the subject of the song, which you can't help to get immersed in. For example, listen to Sleep and hear the bedtime based instrumental and then listen to the Gold Ribbons track and hear the fast paced instrumental that goes with the been there, done that and be gone subject of the song.

So with that being said, its now time to discuss the lyrical content of the songs. These dudes can rap. Period.

Lets sit down eye to an eye
Kick stand swag I just lean to the side
Quick sand love got you falling inside
Into my arms I was trying to provide
A place for you to stay baby we could have a way
Girl I been here all along, you was running round with lames they was fake as toupe
I was like should I chill should I wait for the day
That you finally decide that you made
The wrong choice, now you broken and played
Now baby I told you to listen got your heart locked up like it's in prison
We in this club but you reminiscing on the times we had, you better stop wishing
I don't cuff girls
I just boss them
Ya'll 2 5 to life to often
She flipping on me like dolphin
Got me laughing to the point I'm coughing
It's exhausting, how you try to have the cake with the frosting
Now I'm living life chilling so frosted
You can't lie girl I'm so awesome

Now it ain't the superlyrical based raps, but these guys actually portray stories in what they say. A long forgotten skill in the art of rap. And everyone likes a good story, how about 12 of them for free?

Overall, these kids are extremely talented artists. And their care and meticulous effort permeates through their piece of work. I became an instant fan after listening to their Sleep joint, but every song on here is money, Escape, Born to Be, Sleep, Weon have probably the best instrumentals and raps all together. I only WISH I could pay for this! This is easily in the top 5 so far for 2011. DOWNLOAD NOW! AND LET THE FLOW OF THE AIRPLANE BOYS FLY THROUGH YOU MENTAL ESCAPE...ladies and gentlemen, we got ourselves a Ximena!

Download: The Airplane Boys - Where've You Been