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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eminem - Space Bound (Video)

Off of his multi-platinum album Recovery...featuring Sasha Grey

Little Brother - I Got Work For Ya

Straight from the vaults of DJ Hi-Tek...Little Brother? WORD!

Freddie Gibbs and Statik Selektah - Already ft. Trae Tha Truth

This kid has been coming out with hits and I haven't given him enough love so with the Trae the Giant from the South...we got ourselves a dope track

Kool G. Rap - I Am

In the flesh...

T.Shirt - For The Record (Video)


I really like this dude...and this video in its simplicity is portraying the man himself and his craft

Kendrick Lamar - Hol' Up

More hot music from the Compton menace

Jay Rock - Hood Gon' Love It ft. Kendrick Lamar (Video)

Gully...and I'm feeling the old time beat

Rick Ross - 9 Piece (Remix) ft. Lil' Wayne (Video)


Dude is rapping about a cocaine deal he's doing up over his phone...but I remember when this dude was a cop...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Teairra Mari - Pum Pum Shorts ft. Gyptian and Mr. Vegas (Video)

I wish more girls wore Pum Pum Shorts...

RZA - Robbery ft. Rev. William Burke

Wu-Tang Killa Bees...WUUUUUUU TANG!

Wale - Bait ft. TCB and Tiara Thomas - All Around the World ft. Wale

Complete saturation of the internet game...when is it too much?

Wale - Bait ft. TCB

Tiara Thomas - All Around the World ft. Wale

Drag-On - God Bless America ft. Hell Rell

Its good to see the old Ruff Ryders alumni do some real work

Pill - Ridin' on Dat Pole (Video)

Ridin' On Dat Pole by HankTheTank2011

This video is all sorts of NSFW

Curren$y - She Don't Want a Man (Video)


Weekend at Bernie's drops June 28th

Jadakiss - Lay 'Em Down ft. Styles P and Chynk Show(Video)


Off of his I Love You (Dedication to the Fans) Mixtape out now

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Game - Pot of Gold ft. Chris Brown

This dude is so inconsistent. The last song I posted that he did was absolute garbage. This on the other hand is a lot nicer...I want some old Game

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Common - Summer Madness

Never mad at new Common

Wayback Playback - Bart Simpson - Do the Bartman (Video)

Bart Simpson - Do The Bartman by ernsthemingway

Everybody do the Bartman!

Pill - Pacman (Remix) ft. Rick Ross, Tity Boi, Meek Mill, Yo Gotti and Gunplay

Most random chorus ever...

Pacman – Over one hundred sold
Pacman – just ordered one hundred more
Pacman – you can fry it in a pan
Pacman – in no time you will be buying land
Pacman – do it for your mom and them
Pacman – until I get one hundred in

Asher Roth - Summertime ft. Quan

First day of summer...swag

Jim Jones - What's Your BBM? ft. Hardluck, Lady H and HIM

A Blackberry induced rap...word

Pac Div - Your Fuckin' Song (Video)


Off of the amazing Mania! mixtape

Pete Rock and Smif-N-Wessun - Monumental (Album)

Guaranteed filthy

Download: Pete Rock and Smif-N-Wessun - Monumental (Album)

DJ JS-1 - No One Cares (Album)

Dog, I put New York on my back! Real New York rap type shit.

Download: DJ JS-1 - No One Cares (Album)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz - My God (Freestyle) (Video)


If only it wasn't a big commercial for some punk ass headphones

YG - Patty Cake (Video)

One of the XXL freshman telling you how to patty cake...

DJ Absolut - Jungle ft. Royce Da 5'9" and Styles P

Supposedly there's a remix for this one coming out soon...say word?

Drake - Trust Issues

If Drake wasn't emo enough for you...

Bobby Creekwater - Bravo ft. Kardinal Offishall

New joint off of the former Shady Records artist for his upcoming Revenge LP

Jay Rock - Hood Gone Love It ft. Kendrick Lamar

New music from Tech N9ne's fellow label mate.

Rapsody - Thank H.E.R. Now (Culture over Everything) (Album)

9th Wonder's young female padawan...easily the best female in the game. COP THIS SHIZZIT!

Download: Rapsody - Thank H.E.R. Now (Album) (from djbooth.net)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Album Review: Tech N9ne - All 6's and 7's

Tech N9ne is known as the most successful independent artist in the game today. The dude makes hits with his quick choppin' style of rapping and the dude came again with the same crazy yet methodical flow that he has been known for by his fans. But this album is a bit different from his past ones...

You see...after Tech N9ne's last 2 major albums, Killer and K.O.D., Tech N9ne kind of blew up in many different people's iPods. On top of that, he garnered quite the cult following and with his devilish based face paint, people would label him as a Satanist and cult leader. Tech N9ne made it a point to only preach good and tries his best to remove the incorrect labels of being a satanic cultivator.

So with this new album, Tech N9ne has mainstream success as an independent but with the know how of the game with a set of heavyweights backing him up. So take all that success...mix it up with some of the big names of today...and the freedom to rap what you want because you're independent, you get an album that is completely your own.

First of all, one of the reasons I like this album is because it has 20+ songs on it (including funny skits). It then turns out to be a 16-17 song CD...and that is a jam packed album in this day in age. These days, dudes in the game are dropping albums with only 10 songs. This dude put in work. And not only that, the album follows a story. Tech N9ne separated this album into different parts which explains different aspects of his life. The first portion sets the tone of the album. His fast paced and catchy lyrics discussing who he is and what he's accomplished. His love for music, the game and his family. Then he goes into the discussion about his cult leader image that the media put on him and him debunking the incorrect portrayal of his music. Then he goes into another type of music he's known for...the more visual, pornographic type joints. He then ends with a deep ending saying thank you to his fans, his mom and where he wants to go from here. This is a complete album.

And OH MY GOD! The dude's lyrical prowess is beyond none. By far my favorite joint on the entire album is Worldwide Choppers where he goes around the world and features individuals across the planet with the same technique and flow he follows. On top of that, he features dudes who are successful (Lil' Wayne, Busta Rhymes) and dudes who are up and coming (B.o.B., Yelawolf, Kendrick Lamar).

The production quality is unexpectedly amazing. You have your synths and samples in some joints, and then you have pure instrumental with names like Chino Moreno and Stephen Carpenter of the Deftones. Every joint on this album is solid. I'm not kidding...even the pornographic joints, the lyrics on there, even though raunchy, are actually unreal if you step back and look at it.

The overall picture is that Tech N9ne composed a complete album. He couldn't have possibly done more...this album is a COMPLETE project meaning it has a beginning, a middle and a defined end. None of the joints were added as filler...all of them can easily be used to portray his skills and talent and love of the game.

The only thing that holds this album back from legendary status is the fact that the album doesn't have that substance that makes it a legendary album. Yes it is a complete album and all of the songs are dope, but none of the songs are standalone enough to say it represents the year or the generation for which its intended for. You can take any song and yes it represents what Tech N9ne is, but you can't take any of the songs and put it in the Top 10 list of 2011. That is why this album can be put up there with Aishwariya. Get the album, listen to what Tech N9ne has to say...and you might be yelling out barks and calling yourself a Technician.

Pill - Send One Down ft. Trae Tha Truth


Mac Miller - Family First ft. Talib Kweli

Another Twitter release!

Vybz Kartel - Go Go Wine (Video)


For mi Island Bredren

Apathy - Check to Check

Apathy's first single off of his upcoming album, Honkey Kong

Spliff Starr - Wish You Could ft. Fat Joe (Video)

This dude is on his own track and Busta isn't headlining...and its not bad!

Trae Tha Truth - Getting Paid ft. Wiz Khalifa (Videos)

Trae's album is dropping...tomorrow!

Sir Aah - And the Beat Rocks On ft. Crooked I and Royce Da 5'9" (Video)

Buddy does well to get heavyweights on his track...

Styles P - Where the Angels Sleep (Video)