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Friday, October 24, 2014

Run The Jewels (Killer Mike X El-P) - Run the Jewels 2 (Album)

These guys did not want to wait a second later! After an incredible, critically acclaimed album and sold out tours and a plethora of social media prescence, these guys decided to put together a 2nd project and here it is! AND IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! AWWW MAN! And ITS FREE! But if you want to support these gentlemen, you can buy it from iTunes.

Download: Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 2 (iTunes - Album)

Download: Run the Jewels - Run The Jewels 2 (Album)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jaden Smith - Blue Ocean (Video)

I think Jaden is going to make moves soon similar to Gambino but the rap scene will listen

PRhyme - U Looz (Video)

Word. Royce's bars. His jewel encrusted teeth. That beat. The 5 percenter chain. Premo rapping and scratching like the legend he is. I think this album is my most anticipated album for the end of 2014.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mac Miller - Just Some Raps, Nothing To See Here, Move Along

Mac Miller has left his longtime home of Rostrum Records and now has joined a partnership with Warner Bros. alongside his Remember Music imprint. Mac gives us this loosey.

T.I. - King (Video)/Money on My Mind ft. Spodee, Troy Ave and Yung Booke(Video)

King back.

Tsu Surf - The Streetz ft. JUJU/House In Virginia III

Double hits from the battle rapper.

G-Unit – All About The Drug Money

The Unit give their rendition of the Troy Ave. hit

Hail Mary Mallon - Kiln (Video)

Man. These lyrical monsters are back at it again!

"When I first made the beat for 'Kiln', my heart was overcome with an unexplainable sadness, a blanket of melancholia, that enveloped it's playful rhythm. I knew from that point forward that my co-conspirator and I were to be sentenced, that day." - Rob Sonic

"'Kiln' is the most dynamic song of all time. It's a tale documenting the very source of Hail Mary Mallon's power: Emotional Entertainment." - Aesop Rock

Lil Herb - Fight Or Flight (Remix) ft. Common and Chance the Rapper (Video)

ALL SORTS OF CHICAGO ON THIS TRACK! Quite a powerful message for what the community in Chicago is dealing with

Childish Gambino - Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" By Lloyd) (Video)

You know you made it when you got your own Gangsta Grillz mixtape